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Despite the stress I've been under I have not been tempted to eat when I'm upset. EFT and hypnosis have helped me focus on myself and my weight loss. This week I lost 5.2 pounds. That's over 8 pounds since I started 3 weeks ago. Pretty encouraging. Thanks so much.

Melody C.


with FOOD and WEIGHT

The TLC Weight Loss Coaching Program is geared toward women of a "certain age" who wish to lose weight while becoming healthier, more vibrant, and more energetic. 

Is this you?

You are an intelligent, open-minded, mature woman who  wants to move into your later years looking good, and feeling healthy and vibrant. 

You feel frustrated because you have tried several weight loss programs but your success has been temporary and you eventually regained the weight.

You wrestle with food cravings, tending to eat when stressed or upset, and find it difficult to control portion size. 

You are ready for a positive approach to weight loss that fosters self-respect, confidence and optimism. 

TLC Weight Loss Coaching is a holistic, strength-based approach to losing weight. 
With this program you can expect to:

Discover how to overcome your unique challenges regarding healthy eating so that you can get off the weight loss roller coaster for good.

Learn techniques that eliminate food cravings, increase 
focus and fuel motivation.

Receive ongoing guidance, accountability and support.

I have combined my extensive knowledge in nutrition and exercise with my training as a health coach, hypnotherapist, and Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner to develop the TLC Weight Loss Coaching Program. By using a multi-faceted approach I can help you lose weight and keep it off so that you can move into your later years with enthusiasm, joy, and optimal well-being.

Please browse this web site for detailed information on how you can lose weight while improving your health, reducing your stress and increasing your energy.