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This document contains two lists of foods. The “Optimal Choices” list consists of wholesome, nutritious foods that can move you towards healthy weight loss. Begin adding or increasing these in your food plan. On the “Least Desirable” list are the foods that have probably contributed to your weight gain in the past. Slowly minimize these foods for healthy weight loss.


The hunger/satiety scale describes the various stages of hunger and fullness and what they feel like. Your goal is to eat when you are fairly hungry, but not starving— about a three on this scale—and to stop when you are comfortably full—about a six.

Do your best to avoid getting really hungry (a one or two). If you eat when your hunger feels out of control, you will be inclined to grab the foods that take the least amount of time to prepare and that raise your blood-sugar levels the quickest. At best you’ll grab a bagel, and at worst you’ll gravitate toward the cookie jar. Furthermore, you will eat quickly, gobbling down those goodies and stuffing yourself before you’ve had a chance to really know when you’ve had enough.

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